Wood Shed

Tables For Blakely Hall


The celebration of Blakely Hall’s 10th anniversary resulted in an enhancement/upgrade to their facility.

Wood Shed’s introduction to the Issaquah Highlands community (we also live there) came during the most recent Highlands Day celebration where we had several functional art pieces on display. The good folks at Blakely Hall decided to commission us to design/construct/deliver/install a new Farm Table complete with benches. The Farm Table will be actually two tables, 46″ x 60″ that can be joined to make one long table that will be paired with four benches to match.


The wood selected by the Blakely Hall committee comes from Montana — a mountain pine beetle-killed Montana Ponderosa pine — a wood that keeps up with the Wood Shed philosophy of salvaged/sustainable products. It will be a truly unique expression.

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